Zephyr Hefeweizen

Unflitered Bavarian wheat beer

Zephyr Hefeweizen in a Glenwood Canyon Brewpub glass in front of dark background and hops logo

Located on 7th Street across from the historic Glenwood Springs train depot, Glenwood Canyon Brewpub is one of thirty-five stops along the 51-1/2 hour, California Zephyr train ride from Chicago IL, to Emeryville, CA. Today, Amtrak operates the historic California Zephyr train and still boasts the “Zephyr Dome”, otherwise called the “Vista Dome,” a viewing car with comfortable seating, for the long and beautiful ride through the western United States!

Our Zephyr Hefeweizen is a rare brew only released during the summer months. In fact, we haven’t released this brew since 2004. It is highly sessionable and we intended for a more neutral beer with regard to the amount of clove and banana character – typical for this style. We use a mixture of red and white wheat malt and 2-row malted barley to achieve a beautifully frothy, effervescent brew with a nice wheat character and a subtle iso-amyl-acetate character. We also brew this with German noble hops to authenticate the process and hope you’ll drink this down fresh, after your long ride on the California Zephyr!!