St. James Irish Red Ale

An easy drinking Celtic-style ale with a malty accent

The Historic St. James Hotel sat to the east of 7th and Blake Street. Fred Barlow opened the three storied hotel in 1888. A year later Fred sold the business to Sister Superior Mary Agnes. She tried to cater to the rich and the poor alike, and at one point turned the place into a sanitarium. It finally shuttered and was torn down in 1934. Sometime after it was torn down, a two storied building was built on the property and in the late 90’s was purchased by The Hotel Denver. The lower floor is now a luxury suite rented by the Hotel Denver.

Irish Red Ales have had an equally interesting history. Their popularity has waned since the inception of the style, but was restored by the craft brewing movement in the United States. St. James Irish Red is loaded with malt character from the judicious use of Melanoidin malt, Cara-Munich malt, Cara Aroma malt, and a touch of Brown Malt. It has a very smooth malt sweetness and only a subtle touch of hops.

This beer has been selected as the top commercial example for Irish-Style red ales by the Brewers Association, the trade association of brewers, for brewers and by brewers. Read more about this beer’s lovely characteristics at