Red Mountain Extra Special Bitter

Balanced English pub draught

When you’re enjoying a cold beer on the patio of Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company you can’t miss Red Mountain. It towers over Glenwood Springs to the West. It is absolutely amazing when the sunlight hits it just right. This mountain is harrowing for advanced climbers because of the loose, jagged terrain. It’s safe to say that not many people have actually climbed the face of Red Mountain.

Just to the South of its incredibly steep face is a more gentle, relaxing route up the hillside. Don’t be fooled though, this road will get your heart rate going, whether you’re cycling or hiking. This trail is named after Olympic cyclist, Jeanie Golay, who has lived locally for more than 20 years!

Our Red Mountain Extra Special Bitter is true to its roots. We use a mixture of Marris Otter Pale Ale Malt, produced in England, and a judicious amount of caramel and specialty roasted malts to land a true English character. We also use UK-East Kent Golding hops to land a nice earthy, citrus, and spice – hop bitterness. This beer is Nitrogenated and is served like a true English pub draught!

Cheers mate!