Our mission is to deliver the perfect pint to you time and time again. We’ve been striving to create the perfect pint since 1996. We keep searching for new ingredients, and tinkering with new techniques in order to get closer to flawlessness. Along the way we’ve won many Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals. We’re proud of these accomplishments, but in the end, it’s all about seeing our customers faces light up as they too enjoy our craft.

Beer for any Occassion

Because we can brew up to 1,000 gallons a week, we’ve always have something for everyone no matter the season.


The brewhouse is perhaps the favorite hiding place of any brewer, and although it may get hot and muggy, it’s the place where a brewer’s dreams become a reality for the first time. This is where our hand selected malts are mixed with our perfectly heated and exactly tempered water to catalyze the enzymatic reactions leading into a healthy fermentation. Our choice hops are added here into our boil kettle and the aromas take over the senses. The wort is then cooled and carefully cast out into one of our many stainless steel fermentation vessels.

Large Selection of Beer-to-Go.

Growlers, Cans & Kegs.


Our yeast is our work horse. Here on the cold side, it’s happy creating the flavors we’ve trained it to. Each fermentor becomes a 320 gallon party, where our yeast dances with the sugars extracted from our malts. During this disco the sugars are metabolized into alcohol and the beer’s flavor begin taking shape. After the party the yeast settles down and gets stored for the after party. Here the beer begins to clarify and mature until we deem it worthy.

The Western Slope’s Most Awarded Brewery

23 medals and counting


Our barrel room is another hideaway where strong beers, brewers and customers can be found mingling. It’s a peaceful place of rest for those “Big Beers” that deserve to latch onto the oak and the flavors of our hand selected wooden vessels, in which they reside. Once we’ve aged these to perfection and tasted them carefully, we typically blend them with one another or a different beer altogether to arrive at something balanced.

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We get one chance to impress. Our entire staff is as proud as our brewers, and together we bring our customer the perfect pint. We hope you’ll continue coming back and trying our creations, whether it’s something off the cusp, or one of our regular award winning beers!

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