Norwegian Farmhouse Ale

A traditional Norwegian ale brewed with juniper branches

We can all thank a gentleman named Lars Marius Garshol for getting this style of beer introduced in the United States. Lars has done an endless amount of research and examination of this particular style in his blog – Larsblog.

The yeast used in this particular style of beer is most interesting. It has the ability to ferment at cool to downright hot tempuratures and can live dormant in a dry state for about 5 years. The Norwegian farmhouse brewers have built wooden rings to capture the yeast and typically keep it dry for subsequent use.

Along with this amazing yeast, we used juniper branch tips we harvested from a ranch near Silt, Colorado. Staying with tradition, we conditioned our brewing water with the juniper tips by heating the water to 175 degrees Farenheit and let the green tips rest in the water overnight. We then mashed in our Pilsner malt with this most interesting water infusion.

In the boil we used Czech Saaz hops and Northern Brewer to achieve a mild hop presence. We then completly fermented this beer at 100 degrees Farenheit within 3 days!!