Mineshaft Märzenbier

A malty, amber German lager

Mineshaft Märzenbier is new to our lager beer portfolio! Märzen
(pronounced maer-zen) is the German word meaning March. Traditionally this Bavarian lager was brewed in March because of the Bavarian Brewing Ordinance of 1553. This ordinance did not allow brewing to occur between April 24 th and September 28 th . The Märzen beer was normally aged in cellars throughout summer and any remaining beer was served at Octoberfest. We’ve broken the Bavarian Brewing Ordinance of 1553 and brewed this beer in late January and have released this special brew!!

This lager has a big malty aroma with notes of toasted malts and cereal grains. It possesses a smooth, balanced flavor. A nice noble hop presence is evident in the flavor and aroma. It finishes dry and clean. It is similar to our Barrel Rolls Oktoberfest but has a lighter color and more hop presence.