Marble Black Rye India Pale Ale

A dark, hoppy brew with a touch of rye

Marble is the small town closest to one of the nation’s largest marble quarries. It is also the headwaters to the Roaring Fork River. Much of the high quality stone from the quarry has been used for parts of the Lincoln Memorial and also the Tomb of The Unknowns. The marble has also been claimed and utilized for several large buildings in New York City and San Francisco!

Cascadian dark ales were originally developed in the Pacific Northwest by brewers closest to our nations best hop growing region. Its something new and different in the vast world of IPAs. These beers are dark, super hoppy, and posses some rye character. The roast malt character should be subdued with the use of a de-husked black malt or Midnight Wheat Malt. These beers are quite complex, yet super sessionable!

We hope you’ll enjoy our Marble Black Rye IPA in the heart of our Colorado winter.