A fresh, unfiltered lager from the cellar

Kellerbiers are also known as Zwickelbiers in Germany. The word Kellerbier literally translates to “cellar beer”. These beers are typically German ales or lagers and are served unpasteurized, unfiltered and usually from a barrel. This Kellerbier is a smooth  German-style Pilsner with plenty of noble variety – Czech Saaz hops. We used these in the boil kettle and again in the dryhop.

We added a small amount of fermenting beer back into the aging beer. This method is known as Krausening and is used in order to give the brew a natural carbonation within the maturation tank. We then had to force some carbon dioxide into solution to bring it closer to perfection. This brew aged for over a month, at very cold temperatures, and has clean notes of Pilsner malt and noble variety hops. We did not filter this beer, and like all our other beers, it is served unpasteurized.

We hope you’ll enjoy this light Kellerbier as the winter gets cooler!