Hasta La Vista…Schwartzbier

A dark German-Style lager

“Hasta la vista, baby” is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ultimate one liners in one of the 90’s most popular movies -Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Austrian but with his rich accent it is difficult to discern. It is all too fitting then to name our German-style Schwartzbier after this famous actor, resulting in one great alliteration – “Schwarzenegger’s Shwartzbier”. We thought it was even more appropriate, based on the nature of this rare seasonal beer, to name it after one of his most infamous lines, literally translating to: “until we meet again”.

German-style black lager is the oldest beer style known to man. It has been discovered in Kulmbach, Bavaria that this particular style dates back to 800 B.C. A well made black lager should have very little roastiness while possessing a nice hop balance and a smooth finish. Some people say its like drinking a light beer that is dark in color.

We hope you’ll enjoy our interpretation of the style.