Hanging Lake Light

A light golden brew made with Colorado ingredients

Hanging Lake is one of the area’s greatest treasures. If you have seen Hanging Lake this beer is for you. If you haven’t seen Hanging Lake, get out and enjoy the scenery and come back for a pint or two!

This light brew is carefully crafted with Colorado grown Pilsner malt,  malted by Proximity Malting Company in the San Luis Valley. This malt provides a light color and an unparalleled freshness.  A small portion of noble hops from Germany goes into this boil for a mild and balanced hop presence.

Depending on the seasonal demands for this beer, we change the yeast – to either produce a lager or an ale. Make sure to ask your server or look at the beer board for the current offering! We recommend having this beer with any of our dishes, and highly suggest it with our Game Time Burger.