Green Ghost Juicy IPA

East Coast meets West Coast – Juicy India Pale Ale

“Another IPA”, you say? That’s right, except this one is a graduate of our αβ project series. It has proven to be a best seller! And, its unique in the sense that it’s a west coast IPA that acts like an East Coast -New England IPA. It’s Juicy up front but without all the haze craze to interfere.

This Juicy, American Style Strong Pale Ale has a generous helping of a German hop known as Grungeist (Green Ghost). We also utilize a variety called Cashmere and also Citra. This hop combination is quite nice with notes of melon, citrus, and tropical fruit. We employ these varieties in small quantities in the boil and then come back during whirlpool and knockout and even add a bunch into the fermentation for a full on aromatic experience.

We do utilize some haze forming proteins, like oats, flaked wheat and white wheat, but we keep this percentage low in order to get the smooth mouthfeel and a slight haze. This beer finishes slightly dryer than most hazy-juicy IPA’s and we like that because its drinkable! This is an East Coast/West Coast hybrid and we hope you’ll enjoy it.