Got ‘Em All In Vanilla Coffee Cream Ale

A coffee and vanilla cream ale

After extensive coffee tastings, we decided on using a pound per barrel of whole Guatemalan coffee beans and ¼ lb of whole Madagascar vanilla beans in the end of fermentation. We teamed up with Color Coffee Roasters in Eagle Colorado for this exceptional collaboration!!

Guatemalan Poaquil Coffee was sourced by the knowledgeable staff at Color Coffee Roasters. This medium to dark roast coffee holds notes of German chocolate cake and Raspberry jam and is layered and satisfying. We added the whole coffee beans to the end of fermentation and closed the tank up to capture all of the aromas and flavors.

This beer is a bit of a mind tease in that the color is light, and the flavors are pronounced, yet highly sessionable.

In the brewery, we wanted to highlight the coffee’s olfactory qualities, so we used a normal cream ale recipe (Hanging Lake Light Ale) and left this beer unfiltered. There is a bit of a haze, presumably from the oils in the coffee.