Deep Lake Scotch Ale

Exceptionally malty and huge!

Deep Lake sits high in the White River National Forest above Gypsum, Colorado. It’s a long 29 mile drive getting access to the lake, but once you’re there you won’t regret it. The 37 acre lake was a hunting spot for the Ute Indians back in the 1800’s. A century later, Teddy Roosevelt also camped and hunted there with his Flat Top hunting party. Today the lake hosts boaters and fishermen and is a tranquil spot for just about anyone.

Scotch Ales, are also called wee heavies and are considered “big beers”. The lack of hops grown in Scotland, coupled by the heavy taxation of those hops, left most of the beers there rich in malt character. Wee heavy is highest gravity beer of the shilling ales and would have been priced around 120 Shillings.

This beer drinks extra smooth for 8% ABV. It has huge malt notes, a slight roast or darkened malt note and some residual sweetness. This is a hearty ale and we hope you’ll enjoy it as we roll into winter here in Glenwood Springs.