Crystal River Helles

A light, refreshing Munich-style lager

The Crystal River runs from Schofield Pass down through the old mill town of Crystal and then into the Roaring Fork River near Carbondale. The Crystal River Valley is one of Colorado’s most pristine, preserved and undeveloped areas in Colorado.

Helles (Hell-ess) literally translates to “bright”, “light” or “pale”. We thought it was fitting naming this light lager after one of Colorado’s cleanest, brightest rivers.

Helles lagers have been produced in Germany since 1894 when the Spatan Brewery was able to advance their kilning technology. This allowed them to carefully control, and even reduce their malt kilning temperatures, to create a pale colored malt for the first time. Refrigeration was also invented in this era allowing for longer beer storage and a year round supply of this most popular style.

We hope you’ll enjoy this beer in the warm, fall months of September and October.