Cardiff Double Brown Ale

Dark, luscious brew from 19th century recipe

The Cardiff Coal Mining Company and the Cardiff Coke Ovens were both operated by John Osgood in the 1880’s. Remnants of the coke ovens exist today in both Glenwood Springs and near Redstone, Colorado. Coking ovens were used in the process of smelting silver. At the height of the operation there were around 250 ovens operating around the clock. After the Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890, silver became so undervalued that the coking ovens were completely shut down by 1910.

This English-style double brown ale is based on those English brown ales brewed prior to 1800’s. These original brown ales were brewed to varying strength and usually rather high in alcohol. Many of these beers were brewed with brown malt, having been kilned erratically because of the lack in temperature control during this era.

Our Cardiff Double Brown ale has a ton of different specialty malts thrown in the mix. Many of these malts posses huge aromas of caramel, malt, chocolate, and toasted notes. This beer is incredibly complex in malt aroma and flavor. There is very little hop presence to interfere.