Carbonator Doppelbock

Rich and malty German lager

This German-style lager is named after the tiny town of Carbonate, established in the Flat Top Mountains of Colorado in 1800. Today only one house and one outbuilding remain on the original townsite.

This brew is dark ruby to nearly brown. The careful use of Melanoidin malt and a mixture of Munich malts lends nicely to the complex malty aroma and flavor. This was brewed using German lager yeast and has been aging for several months.

German Doppelbock lagers were first brewed by the monks of Paulaner, Bavaria. These beers were nourishment and sustenance during times of fasting in the monastery. Over time the commercialization of these popular lagers forced other breweries to rename their brands from “Salvator” (Holy Father Beer), to something different. Many breweries kept the “- ator” on the end of their new brand name in order to differentiate the style as a strong Bock beer.