Canyon Trail American Pale Ale

American hoppy goodness with a malty balance

With a distance of 16.3 miles, the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail runs east from Glenwood Springs through Glenwood Canyon all the way to Dotsero. This paved and scenic trail is open to biking, hiking, inline-skating, and is wheelchair accessible. Fishermen, kayakers and rafters all use the trail to access the Colorado River. Keep your head up as you meander through the most breath taking canyon in Colorado. Some of the views will have you looking straight up. Once you’ve completed the trail you can come back to the brewery and wash down your experience with a Canyon Trail Pale Ale.

This intrepid, yet approachable brew will have you coming back for more. It’s light color and refreshing malt and hop aromas will leave you thirsty for another round. We’ve crammed in all American variety hops throughout the entire brewday and into the dryhop. This beer is fermented with an American ale yeast too, so the hop profile shines through. It has a nice mid palate maltiness and finishes dry and snappy.

This beer is great on a warm day, after a long bike ride or hike.