Café Brebaje Coffee Porter

A dark ale brewed with coffee

Each year we get together with our friends over at Bonfire Coffee and sit down for a cup of Joe. We usually follow this up with a couple of beers and talk about what brebaje (concoction) is in the works. Coffee beers have been increasing in popularity as of late and this recipe will change from time to time based on the demands of the local coffee business.

This year we decided on using a 50 % blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffees at a rate of 1 lb per barrel. We added this coffee just before the end of fermentation and closed the tank up to capture all the aromas and flavors. In the brewhouse we needed to highlight the coffee’s aromatic and flavor qualities, so we used a special blend of dark roasted malts, which lend themselves to the beers dark color without a bunch of acridity. We only used a small amount of hops in order to keep them from competing against the malt and coffee complexities.

We hope the cooler weather and shorter days will keep you coming back for our Café Brebaje Coffee Porter!