Beers on Tap

Most of our Year Round offerings were created when we opened in 1996. These flagship brews have stood the test of time and along the way we’ve adapted them here and there to meet the demands of our customers or the changing craft beer scenery.

αβ Project, our most recent Year Round offering, is something we’ve been pondering now for a while. With the entire beer landscape shifting to hoppier beers, we’re now sure this will please our most demanding customers.

Our Seasonal brews are some of our most awarded. We often do a series of lagers in the fall in order to get our Oktoberfest out by September. Occasionally we’ll skip our winter lagers and go after some Belgian or German style ales. One beer you won’t ever miss, in June, is our Strawberry Daze Ale.

The Barrel Project is something new and exciting in 2017. Our Director of Brewing, Todd Malloy, spent time at Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Paso Robles, CA, where he was heavily involved in their extensive barrel program. He took much of that inspiration and thoughtfulness and has carefully adapted it to our erred and dry climate of Colorado.

Our Guest Sour is new to the lineup. We will be selecting various sour beers produced by other Colorado breweries. These beers will please the palate of those folks looking for traditional sour beers produced with 100% lactic or mixed culture fermentation.

We also offer one Guest Cider and a Spiked Seltzer on draught throughout the year. We currently carry Glider Cider from  Colorado Cider Company out of Denver, Colorado and Tangerine and Hops Snow Melt Spiked Seltzer from Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder.

Year Round Beers

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