Anticline Altbier

An amber beer from Westphalia Germany

Anticline rock folds are prevalent throughout Colorado and Utah. If you keep your eyes peeled you will see them right out your car window, while driving East and West of Glenwood Springs. There are also some to the South – on the way to Aspen. These geological formations were created over thousands of years of tectonic shift in the earths surface. An anticline usually develops above a thrust fault, whereby older rocks emerge above newer rocks, while a fold appears at the surface. These are quite visually appealing, especially with the different colored rock layers in Colorado and Utah.

Altbier was originally brewed in the Westphalia region, and most notably the city of Dusseldorf, Germany. This deep amber to nearly brown style is refereed to as “Old Beer” because the top fermenting yeast used to brew the beer was from an older generation of brewers than the nearby lager breweries. Because the yeast is top fermenting, the beer is fermented at slightly warmer temperatures resulting in a restrained fruitiness. This beer has a bit of noble hop presence and we allowed for a long, cold maturation resulting in a clean, crisp finish.