Abre Los Ojos Vanilla Porter

A porter brewed with real vanilla beans

Our Director of Brewing’s favorite movie happens to be “Abre Los Ojos”. The American version of this movie is named Vanilla Sky – starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Panelope Cruz. The story is a series of twists and turns, sometimes dark, but most noteably doubling back on itself for a wild ride.

This porter exhibits very nice qualities of dark and roasted malts without being overwhelmingly robust or acrid. At the end of fermentaion we put in 1/4 pound of vanilla beans that were split open and allowed to soak in the beer for a week. There are notes of chocolate, some sweet tobacco, and of course vanilla that balances nicely with the dark and malty profile.

We hope the cooler weather and shorter days will keep you coming back for this dark, flavorful  brew.