7th Street Irish Stout

A classic Irish-style dry stout

7th Street in Glenwood Springs is where you can find the historic Hotel Denver and the Denver and Rio Grande Train Station. Can you imagine the number of historical figures having walked through the depot into our small mountain town?

7th Street has hosted wonderful characters such as Chicago gangster “Diamond Jack”. You can bet “Doc Holiday” roamed this street too, just after getting off the train in 1887. And then there is actor Clark Gable and actor Tom Mix, who filmed The Great K & A Train Robbery in the summer of 1926 in the area. Former President’s Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, William Taft and Herbert Hoover all walked along the street as well.

Of course, Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company is now part of its history too – at least since 1996.

This stout is roasty, it’s black in color and it’s nearly thin in mouthfeel. There is very little aftertaste of the roasted malts and virtually no hop presence. Sipping this, you’d think you had stepped back in time to Ireland and were drinking their national beverage, but not so – you’re on 7th Street now making history with us.